About us

Patient Connect connects patients to health providers such as doctors, dietitians and psychologists as well as health services such as pharmacies, labs and diagnostic services

The Vision:

To be the leader in digital health products and services for patients and health providers in the Caribbean and Latin America.

The Mission:

To connect patients with health providers across the Caribbean and Latin America using digital health solutions.

Our Team


Whitney Williams, CEO
LL.B (Hons.), LEC

I am responsible for the day to day operations with special emphasis on our Women's services, Women Connect, that provides low cost access to healthcare services in the Caribbean and Latam.


David Douglas, Vice President Business Development & IT

My responsibility is to ensure our IT services are first class. Our team works directly with AWS and Microsoft Azure to ensure that we update our IT architecture as required with privacy and data protection in mind. I also lead new business development.


Jovanna Khan, Team Lead, Product Specialist

I work directly with health providers including doctors, specialists, nurses, pharmacists and others to ensure that they are trained and capable of using the electronic health records (EHR) and other services of Patient Connect.

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Dr. Navi Muradali, President & Medical Director (MD)



As the founder and medical director it is my role to ensure that the mission and vision of Patient Connect is realised. I enjoy working with the Microsoft team with whom we have partnered including the many NGOs, health providers and companies that we engage in business. 

I have been practising medicine for over 20 years and strongly believe that digital health can assist health providers in overall patient management.

Who are we?

Patient Connect LLC (Miami) is the parent company of Patient Connect (Trinidad), Paciente Conectar (Panama) and Virtual Wellness (Caribbean).

Since 2012 we have been developing various digital health services and products to assist health providers in the management of patient care.

Led by our medical doctor and his team, we have worked jointly on projects with the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO), the Chamber of Commerce in Trinidad, and many NGOs such as the Diabetes Association and Family Planning.

Patient Connect is a Microsoft Partner and is currently developing partnerships with other international brands.

We have created services and products to make it easier to get access to quality on-demand health care for our residents in the Caribbean and Latin America and at the same time have made it low cost and affordable.

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How are we different?

"We are a healthcare company using tech to enhance patient care; not a tech company offering health care solutions"- Dr. Navi Muradali, MD, Founder

With so many digital health providers in the market it's difficult to sometimes tell what's new and innovative in adding value and impact.

One key distinction is that we are led by an experienced medical doctor with a business background and his team of health providers of medical specialists, nurses, nutritionists, psychologists among others. Furthermore, we are ably supported by teams of IT, Sales and Marketing specialists as well as Virtual Assistants.

Another distinction is that Patient Connect has one goal; to improve access to quality care in the Caribbean and Latin America by leveraging subscribers in the telecom, insurance and corporate sectors. While we do offer B2C services, we are one of the few digital health service providers that offer B2B and B2G services in this region.

Additionally, our team members are from the Caribbean and Latin America which gives us a very unique cultural, religious, social and economic perspective on how our patients and health providers view health care. Many digital health applications from outside this region may not always appreciate these nuances.

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What is our goal?

Patient Connect is a response to a long standing pain point in the Caribbean and Latin America; the challenge of limited access to timely and effective health services with poor monitoring of lifestyle diseases. The cost and early deaths associated with lifestyle diseases have become a major burden in our societies.

While the world of social media has been used to inform and educate more and more people in our region about the prevention and early diagnosis of lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease, not enough has been done to boost easier access to greater monitoring and support for patients.

Patient Connect was designed for anyone to use. Its very safe and secure Patient Portal  has been created with the elderly and not so tech savvy person in mind.

Even remote areas can now have access to the wide range of health services using our kiosks and smart remote monitoring solutions.

Join us on our journey that started many years ago to bring affordable healthcare closer to our people with smart home and work solutions.