About Us

Where do patients go for healthcare during this pandemic?

Patient Connect connects patients to health providers such as doctors, dietitians and psychologists as well as health services such as pharmacies, labs and diagnostic services.

what patients get...

  • search for the health professional or service you need

  • book appointments in-clinic and online

  • pay online with credit card or pay cash*

  • use the HIPAA-compliant and secure Patient Portal to update your medical records

  • get access to after hours and weekend care

  • benefit from top-notch services even if you live in rural areas 

  • reduce exposure to Covid-19 & other viruses

  • have the convenience of getting consultations from anywhere

  • save time and money and stress of traffic

  • less waiting times for appointments and visits

  • always have your medical records if you have multiple doctors or visiting or moving to another country

  • easier access to second opinions 

  • less likelihood of hospital admissions and unnecessary expenses if diagnosis can be made earlier

  • greater access to health resources from your health provider

  • better management of chronic conditions with Health Tracker and Remote Home Monitoring

  • plus many more...

* Cash payments can be made for video calls (telehealth). Ask for details of 'Pay Forward'.
Online Class

what health providers get...

  • being hosted & listed in Patient Connect means  higher traffic and greater patient reach

  • allow patients to self-book based on your  schedule

  • access to patient consultation in-clinic and  online (telehealth)

  • easier billing & fast direct payment to account

  • moving your practice notes online organises  your  patient records and practice  management 

  • 24/7 access to medical records via the Patient  Portal 

  • track patient's progress with Health Tracker &  Remote Home Monitoring

  • order digital Rx, labs and scans

  • provide after hours and weekend services at your convenience 

  • ask about other benefits

* The Telehealth and Patient Portal platforms are HIPAA and GDPR compliant and solutions are hosted in multiple locations on AWS installations.
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