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Patient Connect connects patients to health providers such as doctors, dietitians and psychologists as well as health services such as pharmacies, labs and diagnostic services.

Earn more revenue.

Offer your subscribers a white-label digital health subscription service powered by Patient Connect as an add-on option to their current mobile or home internet packages or insurance plans.

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Stand out from the crowd.

Imagine being the only Telco or business offering Smart Health at Home to your subscribers or clients. Be different.

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Save the Planet

Help reduce the carbon footprint.

When you offer digital health solutions to your subscribers or clients you help the planet!

Less gas, less paper, and support for our work-from-home staff.

Do you part in reducing lifestyle disease.

When you offer a Smart Health at Home solution to your subscribers and clients, you also help them get better access to health care. Better access to care means better monitoring and earlier interventions.

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Women Colleagues

Show your support for women.

Patient Connect is women-led and employs many single mothers from vulnerable communities.  Additionally, we provide a space for female health providers exclusively on Women Connect, a female health platform.

Health at Home


Access Health Care Providers from your smart device anywhere, anytime.

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