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Patient Connect's all-in-one chat-based online platform for care providers includes fitness, health & wellness services on-demand using a smartphone.

It's always FREE for care providers to join the network!


AI & Metaverse enhancements are coming soon.

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Join the Network

Are you interested in becoming an in-person or virtual provider for our various platforms like Wellness Hub?  Or maybe even a real-time chat agent? Join for free.

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  • Chat-based care is very similar to using WhatsApp except that Wellness Hub is HIPAA & GDPR-compliant with many more features including AI & Metaverse enhancements.

  • It has become easier for users to chat from virtually anywhere and at anytime.

  • Chat-based care does not eliminate in-person care but enhances it.

  • The Wellness Hub presented by HRMATT (The Human Resource Management Association of Trinidad & Tobago) is one such client that uses chat-based care for their members and employees.

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Problem trying to solve

  • Problem: The epidemic of lifestyle and mental health challenges in the Caribbean with high morbidity & mortality with huge economic & social costs.

  • Your opportunity to add value: Offer employees a digital tool to assist with accessing holistic care and to better manage their lifestyle challenges


  • Mental Health 

  • Doctors & Specialists 

  • Dietitians & Nutritionists

  • Pharmacists 

  • Nurses 

  • Dentists 

  • Physiotherapists 

  • Patient educators

  • Vets

  • Personal & Fitness coaches

  • Wellness providers (yoga, pilates, mindfulness, etc.)

  • Financial wellness providers

  • Legal services 

  • More...

Health care providers are all registered by their respective boards and councils.

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ACH Bank Transfer:

Virtual Wellness

Republic Bank, Gulf View

Savings Account


At WiPay & Yooz locations nationwide.

Paying under account "Patient Connect Ltd"

Lo que dicen nuestros pacientes...

Avocado Sandwich

R. José, Arima

"¡Recibo comentarios diarios de los médicos de Patient Connect sobre mi nivel de azúcar en la sangre! Excelente servicio para los diabéticos".
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Contact us for more details and a demo

WhatsApp: 1 (868) 475-8123

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