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Changing the landscape of wellness in the Americas.

What's the problem we are trying to solve?

Patient Connect develops Wellness Apps for organizations and companies across the Americas, spanning from North America to Latin America and the Caribbean.

We are of the opinion that wellness services should be readily accessible to everyone in the region, right at their fingertips.


​Historically, Latin America and the Caribbean have been recognized for an increased prevalence of lifestyle diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. Additionally, mental health challenges have increasingly impacted numerous residents in recent years. It is imperative to tackle these issues by ensuring convenient and cost-effective access to mental health services.


Patient Connect's Wellness Apps extend support to various groups, including employees, students, telco, bank, and insurance company subscribers, as well as marginalized communities throughout the Americas.

With the rise of artificial intelligence (Ai), we can now integrate chatbots to support faster access to wellness services. Join us on this journey...

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‘Having an app specifically for T&T and the wider region makes a big difference in how we communicate the language of healthcare to our population; it will redound to better health outcomes. For far too long we have utilised other sources of info which can be misleading; not because something works in the US means it will work with our population.’


- Dr. Navi Muradali, MD, CEO, Patient Connect

Meet The Team

Executive Team

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Sales Team


LATAM Corporate Affairs

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