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By empowering individuals to effectively utilize digital tools for accessing information, engaging in telemedicine, monitoring health, and eventually leveraging AI-driven insights, we aim to bridge the gap in healthcare access and quality. Through promoting digital health literacy, we strive to democratize healthcare access, enhance outcomes, and reduce disparities across the Caribbean region.. #JoinTheAlliance



Watch the videos below to learn more about health literacy including how to use digital health to better manage your health and wellness journey. More videos and resources designed for the Caribbean will be added in the upcoming months. Be sure to watch all the videos.

Best Health Websites


Digital Literacy is here to Stay

With almost everyone today either owning a smart device or having access to a computer with internet, it's no wonder that Digital Health access is here to stay!

Patient Connect

Patient Connect is a digital health company that builds wellness apps for companies and organisations across the Americas. We are located in Miami, Florida, USA, Panama City, Panama and across the Caribbean.


Opening Hours

Opens 24/7


37-39 Princess Margaret Street

San Fernando



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