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Better control. Better health.

Introducing Health Trackr.
Enjoy the leading real-time daily online monitoring service for diabetics and those with high blood pressure. This on demand service is monitored by nurses and doctors. 


Best on demand health monitoring plan

Health Trackr

Online directory of health services

Patient Portal:

Electronic Medical Notes

Appointment Booking

Video Consultation Platform

Storage for X-rays and Reports

Prescription feature

Lab Tests feature

Health Journals

Access to Health Trackers: Blood glucose, blood pressure, pulse rate, vital signs, period tracker and more with real-time monitoring by nurses & doctors


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Leading Health Tracker & Monitoring Service in the Caribbean.

Better control of your numbers!

For those with diabetes, high blood pressure and other conditions that require frequent monitoring. Use your blood glucose and blood pressure machines to get your readings and enter them into the Health Tracker so we can help you monitor them daily.


What you get...

How it works...

It's very simple to sign up and to start using the Health Tracker by Patient Connect.

On the Phone

1. Sign up! 

Signing up is simple. Click on the link below and enter your name,  email address and phone number. Create a password and log back in to Patient Connect.

2. We will contact you.

Once you complete the sign up, one of our Virtual Assistants will call you to guide you and answer any questions.  Additionally, our Virtual Assistants will call you once per month to check up on your progress!

Phone Operator
Using Glucometer at Home

3. Enter your daily readings and click submit.

Enter your daily blood sugar and blood pressure/pulse rate readings from your own machines and click submit. Once you are done we will receive them in real time and our nurses/doctors will send a note to you in the  Monitoring Plan feature. We will call you if we notice any abnormal trends in your readings.


Sample Feedback from Nurses/Doctors under the Monitoring Plan

What our clients are saying...

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R. Joseph, Arima

"I get daily feedback by the doctors at Patient Connect about my blood sugar! Great service for diabetics."


The Health Trackr is not meant to replace routine visits and/or monitoring by your health providers.

Patient Connect is not a medical facility so do not seek any urgent or emergency care on this website or on the Health Trackr.

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