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Digital Access to Services for Employees

Let us manage your employee assistance program online for you and your employees.

The Virtual EAP is your go-to online platform for health & wellness services that are easily accessible, cost-effective and sure to improve productivity. 

We are fully supported by registered health and service providers in the Caribbean.


Confidential. Secure. Effective.

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Leading Virtual EAP Provider in the Caribbean.

Let's keep productivity going...

Our online platform allows employees to access services from the office, at home, or anywhere, on any smart device with internet, anytime of day, including after-hours, weekends and public holidays!


Ask about our subscriptions for companies of varying sizes.

What you get...

Costs less than  a retainer fee!

Many EAP's charge a retainer fee. We charge a low monthly subscription per employer that covers our cloud service and Virtual Assistants that support employees in getting the best services!

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How it works...

It's very simple to sign up and to start using the HRMATT Virtual EAP.


Sign up! 

Signing up is simple. The company will send us a listing of eligible employees who we onboard directly to the HRMATT Virtual EAP portal.   

We will contact you.

The employee will receive an email notification to create a password to log in. Once log in takes place, they are set. Additionally, our Virtual Assistants will call them once per month to check up on your progress!



Use the services directly or based on company's request.

Employees can book and pay directly for any of the services they require or they may utilise the services based on the request of  the employer. Either way, the employee may utilise any health plan that they have once authorisation has been given to do so. For specific health plans, we suggest you contact us.

Services you can access

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Insurance & Banking specialists

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Alternative Therapies

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Financial Planners

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Support groups such as AA and FPATT, DATT etc.

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How employees or employers pay

Payments can be made via the following:

  • WiPay or Yooz Online or at any of those locations nationwide

  • ACH/Direct deposit or standing order set up at Republic Bank, Gulf View, La Romaine.

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The problems we are trying to solve

Some of the major challenges of health care are:

  • accessing care when needed.

  • rising costs of care.

  • the burden of hospital admissions and readmissions.

  • increasing morbidity (suffering) and mortality (death) due to lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.


Therefore, it is desirable to address these shortcomings by offering tools to help your health team with better access and more efficient monitoring of diseases so that early interventions can lead to more favourable outcomes.


1. Limited access to patient data 

Why should you still have to take a written record of your daily blood sugar and blood pressure readings to your doctor every 3 to 6 months? 

What if you had side effects from your meds or it just wasn't working? 

With the real-time Health Tracker now we can detect on a daily basis if your readings are good or not, and make recommendations to get better care if your readings aren't desirable.


4. Inequity of care

Private healthcare is expensive for most people. Also public healthcare may have its limitations and inefficiencies such as longer waiting times and lack of personal care. Where is the middle ground?

Digital health tools such as the Health Tracker & Telehealth can provide anyone with a smartphone and internet the ability to access premium quality care for a low cost. Making health care more accessible is our number one goal.


2. The lines and the waiting...

In Caribbean healthcare facilities, you may sometimes have to wait  awhile, even a few hours, to be seen. Quite often, it's just to have your readings reviewed and get a prescription. Can this be done via a Health Tracker & Telehealth for routine visits? 

Additionally with rising costs of fuel, traffic and loss of earnings from spending a half day for a routine clinic visit, we should offer better tools in the digital age to patients & providers for more efficient care.


5. High costs of care...for all

Health care costs are rising for everyone. With higher fuel costs and inflation, the costs for goods and services are expected to continue rise for patients, providers, employers, insurers and the State.

One of the major benefits of having a Health Tracker services with Telehealth is cost reduction. Health Trackers will save you time and money (and stress), and Telehealth costs are almost always lower than in-person clinic visits.


3. Hospital admissions & readmissions

One of the most important reasons patients with diabetes and high blood pressure are admitted and readmitted to hospitals is due to failure in monitoring readings at home. The blood sugar or blood pressure may go too low or too high with serious consequences. Over time the complications of these lifestyle diseases cause larger issues which then become irreversible such as kidney diseases and amputations. Providing cost-effective Health Trackers & Telehealth can make a significant impact regarding hospitalisation.


6. Accessing your patient's notes

It is no surprise that accessing your patient's notes from your health provider or clinic can be burdensome. Many times in clinics, your written notes may be delayed or be lost. With Patient Connect, your digital or electronic notes are always accessible to you from anywhere and on any device. You alone can download, email or print them when required such as when travelling abroad or being referred. Your medical notes are yours!