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Happy Pugs, Happy Hugs

Updated: Feb 11

7 ways to keep your pugs happy with advice from a vet.

1. Exercise: Exercise is essential for any type of dog and having a daily walk or playtime with a pug will help keep them happy and healthy. Exercise can help reduce anxious behaviour and provide physical and mental stimulation.

2. Diet: Feeding a quality, balanced diet that is appropriate for the age and activity level of your pug is essential for keeping them healthy. Speak to your vet to determine the best diet for your pug.

3. Grooming: Regular grooming is essential for keeping your pug healthy and looking their best. Regular brushing and bathing help keep the coat healthy, reduce shedding, and can even help reduce anxiety.

4. Companionship: Pugs are social animals and need companionship to be happy. If you are not able to provide companionship, consider getting them a playmate or even a doggy daycare.

5. Training: Training is essential for any dog and pugs are no exception. Consistency and positive reinforcement are key to successful training. A well-trained pug is a happy pug.

6. Toys: Pugs love to play and having a variety of toys to keep them entertained and stimulate them mentally is important. Be sure to choose toys that are safe and appropriate for their size.

7. Veterinary Care: Regular veterinary care is essential for keeping your pug healthy. This includes annual checkups, vaccinations, and parasite prevention. Be sure to discuss any health concerns with your vet.

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Excellent advice and reminder! Thank you!

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