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Patient Connect provides a white-label or customised digital health platform to companies such as telco's, insurance providers and banks as well as to Government's for clinics and hospitals. This turn-key digital health solution is the perfect add-on to the existing plans or packages of your subscribers or clients and can even attract many new ones.

We also can use our own Patient Connect platform to manage your company's Virtual EAP.


Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records (EHR) can reduce paper consumption and carbon footprint with access to patient's notes 24/7 anywhere! This is a great service to offer to health providers for their hybrid or work from home clinics.


Remote Monitoring

Better monitoring means earlier intervention and treatment with lesser complications. We use the best tech to remotely monitor blood glucose, blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, oxygen saturation and even ECG readings.


Telemedicine services

Have your subscribers book & have consultations online = no traffic, reduce gas usage & waiting at offices. Reduce the risk of contracting viral diseases and much more. It's just convienient.


Smart Devices

Smart Devices (e-stethoscope, e-otoscope etc) can make rural access to health services easier which had previously been difficult to do.


Health Websites & Blogs

Regular emails and phone calls can motivate patients in medication compliance and adherence to lifestyle modification. Additionally, sms and emails reminding patients to visit the weekly updated health blogs can be beneficial to patients.


Virtual EAP

The Virtual EAP (Employee Assitance Program) can provide employees with more timely access to health services without having to leave the office. Services can also connect with off-shore clients such as those in the Oil & Gas industry.

Our Patient Portal

Patient Connect's Patient Portal is unlike most other portals in the market.

It is designed by medical providers who understand the key requirements of patient's notes, consultation booking, and health trackers.

Patient's and health providers now have 24/7 access to the medical records!

Patient Connect's Patient Portal is a first of its kind in the Caribbean and Latin American region.

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Empower Patients.

With the new Patient Portal by Patient Connect, both patient's and health providers can access the medical records 24/7 from anywhere and on any device.

If a patient is being referred or is out of their native country, they can still be connected to their medical records.

Powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Real-time monitoring
of vital signs from home.

Better monitoring means better intervention and outcome.

Remotely monitor blood pressure, blood sugar, pulse rate, oxygen saturation, temperature among others.

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Health blogs with locals in mind.

Most health blogs are usually written by health providers with specific reference to their own population in mind. Therefore, our health blogs are written by experts based in each of the countries we serve.

The blogs are sent to our subscribers at least once per week which helps patients get the latest information on popular heath and wellness topics.

The Human Touch.

One of the many features of the Patient Connect platform is maintaining the human element in the health care experience.

Telemedicine does not replace the in-person experience but rather enhances the overall patient management.

The hybrid practice (in-person & digital health) is the future of health care.

Therefore, our Virtual Assistants contact each patient at least once per month in each territory via a phone call to act as a friendly human voice of encouragement and support.

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Care on any device